A fiatal nő 35 kilótól szabadult meg - Ezt ette, így mozgott pontosan

Miután leküzdötte a folyamatos jojózást és a depressziót, vegetáriánus étrendre váltott, és 35 kilót fogyott a fiatal nő.



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Hannah tíz év kitartó küzdelme árán szabadult meg 35 kilótól, közben megbirkózott a depressziójával és az étkezési zavarával is, legyőzte a bulimiát. A fiatal nő állítja, hogy tudja, mi a tartós, szenvedés nélküli fogyás titka.

Ezt a titkot pedig nap nap után megosztja Instagram-profilján közel 72 ezer követőjével is, akiket saját példájával szeretne inspirálni az életmódváltásra, ezért a személyes képein kívül gyakran megosztja velük edzéstervét és vegetáriánus receptjeit is.

Hannah története

Hannah tíz éve, még 2008-ban kezdett először diétázni a Weight Watchers programmal, és sikeresen le is adott 22 kilót, aztán jött a nyár és a nyaralás, és, mint annyian, ő is feladta a fogyókúrát, míg arra nem eszmélt, hogy minden gramm visszaszaladt rá. Utána mindenféle gyors diétával és böjtkúrával próbálkozott, de semmivel nem járt sikerrel.

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY 🔮 _ These pictures are deceptive bc in the first one my smile would suggest I’m happy but I’m not.. I was just extremely good at hiding my feelings. I’d lost around a stone in weight @ Weight Watchers by that point.. I was on my way to town with my friends in a size 16 top that was meant to be a “loose fit” & the same/only pair of trousers that fitted me. The hair extensions & make up were meant to detract focus from the body I was so deeply ashamed of.. _ Fast forward 9/10 years & here I am & no, I may not smiling on the outside bc I was feeling sassy af but you name it & I’ve done it.. every plan, fad, diet, craze.. even weight watchers saw me lose 4 stone.. but did any thing really last? No. Every time I’ve eaten to lose weight.. I’ve ended up feeling disappointed, unhappy & unfulfilled. I’m at a place in my life right now where I don’t track (slight awkward considering my insta name 🙄!) I don’t count calories, I don’t count macros, I don’t use MyFitnessPal. Truth? I eat well.. really well.. I eat everything, fruit, veg, carbs (hella lotta carbs!) nuts, grains, sugar, salt, high calorie meals, low calorie meals, I eat whatever I want to eat & I train hard.. I bloody love the gym, I love feeling strong, I love my body & everything its been through.. the stretch marks, the cellulite, the skin that I’m in has been with me through everything & that gives me all the feels. My legs hold me up everyday & my body functions exactly how I want & need it to. Sorry but how fucking lucky am I to be able to say that? _ Please, stop putting time limits on everything “shredding for summer” “lose 10lbs in 10days” “one more stone then I’ll be happy” 🙉😣 breaks my heart. Look after your body & your body will look after you! Feed it, nurture it, be kind to it. Healthy body, healthy soul, happy mind ❤️ _ I have no idea if any of this has made sense but I’ve just allowed my thumbs to run away with me. I’m feeling reflective this evening & with that comes realisation & gratitude 🙏🏽 don’t ever feel like you’re alone bc you’re not.. my insta door is always open 🌸 we’re all in this together xxx

@ hannah_tracks által megosztott bejegyzés,

Végül elkezdett edzeni, de addigra már rettentő egészségtelen volt a kapcsolata az ételekkel, és, amikor a hétéves kapcsolata véget ért, elkezdte hánytatni magát, mert úgy érezte, az egyetlen dolog, amire befolyással van az életében, a teste. Szerencsére még idejében segítséget kért.

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

H U M P D A Y 🍑🌈 _ Even if you can’t physically see the results in front of you, every single effort is changing your body from the inside out! Some days I wake up, look in the mirror and just think 😕 meh! I think about all the progress I’ve made so far, all the efforts I make every day, the early mornings, the steps, the sweat, the aches & pains & then I’m like.. what’s the poiiiiint! TELL ME WHAT IS THE POINT!? _ I panic, fuss & fret! Feeling like a fake & a failure & THEN... THEN.. I look @ old pictures & I tell you now.. there’s nothing like it to boost your confidence & motivation to move passed the negativity 💪🏽 _ I just wanted to say that even now. Even after all these years learning about myself, my body, how everything works.. the devil on my shoulder still manages to wangle it’s way into my head & put me down.. so pls don’t feel alone when you’re battling against your own head! This community is u n b e l i e v a b l e & the support & union blows my mind everyday! I’m so lucky to have such positive & loving engagement & I can’t thank you enough for picking me up on my iffy days ❤️ thank you! _ Weight loss is not just a physical change but a mental one & sometimes when the weight you want to lose is almost gone.. your mind can spend what feels like forever, catching up. Remember I’ve got you, we’ve got you! 🌍🙏🏽

@ hannah_tracks által megosztott bejegyzés,

A 18 hónapos viselkedésterápia végül meghozta hatását, elért egy egészséges súlyt, és beiratkozott az edzőterembe, hogy megtartsa azt. A folyamatos, aktív mozgás mellett pedig átállt a clean eatingre, ami megváltoztatta az egész életét.

Tiszta étel, sok mozgás

Hannah nemcsak bikinis képeket oszt meg magáról Instagram-oldalán, ahol mostanra már majdnem 72 ezer követője van, hanem szívesen posztol recepteket, illetve fotókat is arról, hogy mit evett aznap. A clean eating felfogás alapja, hogy mindazt, ami a természetből jön, és emberi beavatkozás nélkül fogyasztható, nem szabad tovább alakítani. 

Fotó: Instagram: @hannah_tracks

A vegetáriánus étrendet folytató lány állítja, hogy már nem számolja a kalóriákat, nem használ fogyókúrás applikációkat, és rengeteget eszik. Szívesen fogyaszt gyümölcsöket, zöldségeket, magvakat, és annyi szénhidrátot, amennyi csak jólesik neki. Nem hagyja ki a gabonaféléket, a sót és a cukrot sem az étrendjéből.

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY 🐛>>🦋 _ Now I’m not saying I’m a butterfly now, nor am I saying I was a caterpillar then bc imo caterpillars are seriously CUTE 💚 BUT just when I thought I’d rinsed ALL my pre-weight loss photos, another one comes out to play 🎉 _ A lot of other accounts take my transformation photos from my page & use them as content for their own.. & I’m ok with that as long as they credit me & don’t put some stupid dumbass captions alongside it like “which do you prefer?” 😏 pssssh.. _ Anyway, I cant help but read the comments on these pages.. these people don’t follow me, they don’t know me, I’m just a face, a body, a stranger, so they can be quite savage! The most common one i read is: “this is fake, they’re two different people” 🤥🤣 & I gotta say.. even tho my natural defence is to hit back.. I always stop myself & think.. that’s possibly the greatest compliment I could receive! _ I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again a little louder for the people in the back & the newbies.. THIS SH*T TAKES TIME!! If you wanna go under the knife, neck meal replacement shakes, give yourself diarrhea & bowel problems using “detox teas”, pop pills or suck on “skinny lollies” to lose 100lbs in 100 days.. go ahead. At times I feel ashamed to say it’s 10 years between the above photos but not today.. _ People think the hard part is losing the weight.. hell.. wait until you’ve lost it & your job is to maintain that loss 🙃 I’ve maintained for around 4 years now.. if any of you are interested in HOW I’ve done it pls like/leave a comment & I’ll plan a post w all my tips & tricks ❤️ _ As always, I’m holy grateful for each & every one of you engaging w me & making this insta hobby of mine one of my proudest achievements. I’m incredibly lucky to have a platform with nothing but love, support & positivity 🌟✌🏽 you are all my inspirations!

@ hannah_tracks által megosztott bejegyzés,

Azt mondja, azt eszik, amit csak megkíván, és mellé rengeteget edz, mert imád edzőterembe járni. Hetente ötször erősít, emellett magas intenzitású szakaszos edzéseket és alacsony intenzitású kardió edzéseket is végez hetente háromszor-ötször.

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

🤗 HELLO & WELCOME 🙏🏽 _ The last 48hrs has been a whirlwind in terms of engagement on my page.. on Thursday eve a popular account shared my photos & I’ve had an obscene amount of interest shown in both my page & my inbox 🙊 (!) so I thought I’d start from the top with a before & after snap & fit as much info about me & my journey as poss into an insta caption! _ My transformation has taken me 10yrs, I started journey in 2008 w Weight Watchers.. I lost 3.5st, went on holiday & was too scared to return so back on went the weight! I then did a whole host of unsustainable, unfulfilling & unhealthy diets: 5.2, Atkins, Juice+, 10 day fast, ALL SORTS! None kept the weight off bc I was so unhappy whilst doing them! _ I stared exercising @ a local guild hall, 1-2 aerobics classes per week, I LOVED IT! It made me feel amazing! I started to lose a little weight & then my 7yr relationship broke down.. I’d lost control over my life & all I could control was my body & I became very unwell.. I developed an eating disorder; Atypical Bulimia ~ I would restrict my food intake all day & then when I ate I threw it up as well as taking 10 laxative tablets a day. I sought help & underwent 18 months of weekly CBT sessions. I’d managed to find a healthy maintenance weight during this time & it was then that I decided to join a gym! _ My Papa is my hero, he is everything. He has been bodybuilding since I can remember & only last year did he compete & come 5th in the PCA British Finals. He taught me everything I know in the gym.. training splits, compound lifts, isolation exercises, reps, sets & most importantly.. Confidence. Confidence in myself as a young woman to walk into any weights area in any gym, to be surrounded by men & know what to do & that has been invaluable ❤️ I owe it all to him! - I fell head over heels in love w the gym, training & eating SO great.. transforming my whole life to be the healthiest & happiest I had ever been 🌍 that was 4yrs ago & here I am today.. _ I pinky promise that I will get back to ALL msgs, just bare with me 😘 in the mean time PLS stick around bc I have SO much more to give 🌱 it feels so great to have you all here, THANK YOU!

@ hannah_tracks által megosztott bejegyzés,

Szerencsésnek mondhatja magát, mert a lassú fogyásnak és fiatal korának köszönhetően szépen visszahúzódott a bőre. Persze, néhol egy kicsit rugalmatlan, és vannak striái is, de Hannah így szereti magát, mert ez mutatja meg, mi mindenen ment át.

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Időpont: 2023. november 6. 18 óra

Helyszín: Thália Színház


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